Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Experiment Successful! Fast Food is gross!

Well,  8 1/2 weeks ago,  I started another biggest loser group.  As part of my action steps,  I decided to not eat fast food ( this did not count diet coke,  that is something I will have to tackle down the road ) ( second disclaimer:  I did not include healthy fast food, ie: Subway, in this exclusion).  Well,  today,  I was on my way home from a meeting and decided to stop for a diet coke and was really hungry so I slipped up on my action step and ordered a burger.  Now,  in 8 1/2 weeks,  I have not been a completely healthy eater but I have stuck to my no fast food rule pretty close.  As I was eating the burger,  I was thinking "Wow, this is really gross!"   Half way through the burger,  I thought, " I can't eat this but I insisted to myself that I used to love these,  I'm sure it will start to taste better".  No, it did not taste better, not to mention, afterwards,  I had this huge rock in the bottom of my stomach.  Ever notice you only feel the bottom of your stomach when you put bad things in your body?  I admit,  I am week and I have a lot to work on still but this gives me hope that if I work on things one at a time,  slowly,  my body will continue to want the things that are good for it and abhor the things that are not good for it.  I would much rather have my homemade southwest turkey burger with avocados on it than that gross burger from "you know where". Next 10 weeks, I might tackle the diet coke:/

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Brenda said...

That's terrific. Randy and I have found this to be true. We took a road trip last weekend and had picnic sandwiches and wraps instead of fast food burgers and fries. I used to live at the golden arches. Now I drive right by. Best of luck on kicking Diet Coke to the curb!